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Saw new pain management doc today very scary - dragonfairy - 08-22-2013, 02:46 PM
Saw new pain management doc today very scary
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Saw new pain management doc today very scary
Went in to see new pain management doctor today for the first time today and have to say it was the scariest thing in the world for all of us! Not only emotionally but physically as we are in constant pain. We deal with chronic pain each and every day and all we have ever begged for was for a doctor to listen to us and help fix the problem. We do not like medications and in the past that is all they have wanted to do in order to help other than these darn injection. Well today not only did this new doctor decide to up and change all our medications cold turkey which scares the hell out of us he decided to do spinal injection out of the blue without giving us any notice. Now we have had them in the past but at least we had time to get ourselves worked up for them ahead of time. So panic set in in a matter of moment and we thought we were gonna just jump out of our skin. We had the hosts son with us as we were told ahead of time that we were not allowed to go alone but even with that it was not a good visit. These injections are just the beginning to test to see if they are hitting the right nerves still in order to go in again in two weeks to burn out the nerves to stop the chronic nerve damage that we have due to degenerative disk disease in our upper and lower back. Today they just dealt with the upper back as it is the worst. After that is complete and dealt with in the next few months we will have to also have the lower back done. The whole procedures as are extremely terrifying and upsetting to everyone inside and out. The pain after lasts anywhere from a week to upwards of a month depending on which disk level they are working on which just adds to our level of stress. Switching today has been nuts as no one can seem to stay grounded long term so please no one take it personal if your posts do not get answer right away as we are not allowed to be up and out of bed even for the next 24 hrs. Add on top of all this stress in our life has been so great the last few months we were also diagnosed with shingles again just yesterday for the second time in just 4 months which in itself is painful as can be. Sometimes we wonder will life ever stop trying to kick us in the face. Some of us can deal with this better than other. Katie seems to come out with her kick *ss and take names later attitude much better. But she can only do so much and honestly doctors are something she is good or pain so for now she is inside till the pain dies down. So for Sarah and the other teens she will be back around soon but can't tell you exactly when. Anyone else around here have to deal with anything like this on a daily basis? This is just a small amount of physical pain and problems that we deal with on a daily basis and are looking to find someone we can relate to and talk to about it. Thanks for letting me rant.

Yet another one of us,
Andi (Short for Andrea 13 female)
Runs with scissors.....Bwahahahahahahah
08-22-2013, 02:46 PM
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Saw new pain management doc today very scary - dragonfairy - 08-22-2013, 02:46 PM

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