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RE: Patience and the Healing Process - Cammy - 10-21-2015, 02:23 PM
Patience and the Healing Process
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RE: Patience and the Healing Process
Living with the pain. Some days we feel like that is all there is for us - pain. But we have noticed that over time with new insights and revelations, that the pain has diminished to more manageable levels. There is not, I believe any special technique or trick to lessening this hurt, other than time and the hope that as we work through the horrible memories when they occur, that we will come out better and stronger on the other side. One thing that has been important for us is to stop putting our life on hold waiting for things to get better. We have found that forging ahead to reach for those goals that we want for ourselves, and finally attaining them, helps. Living in suspended animation is not living at all. For us, we finally got fed up with waiting, and just took huge leaps of faith and just started doing the things we dreamed of always wanting to do. Being busy attaining our previously seemingly unreachable goals, is also wonderful for the impatient part of us that wants things to get better NOW. It is like a distraction useful also in that it is allowing our lives to move forward in a constructive fashion DESPITE the pain.

This is how we have learned to manage this. The sad reality is that pain may well always be with us, but time can and does help us bring the changes needed to heal. Keeping our life moving ahead seems to help us a great deal.
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10-21-2015, 02:23 PM
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RE: Patience and the Healing Process - Cammy - 10-21-2015, 02:23 PM

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