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RE: Know what I like about this place? - The People - 02-23-2015, 04:16 AM
Know what I like about this place?
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RE: Know what I like about this place?
We have been coming here for more years than fingers. Close to 15 I think. When it was called something else. Here are some of the things that it has helped me with
- It has helped me to understand my inner world and some of the behaviours that have come with it.
- It is the only place in the world where I can feel normal. I used to have a group of friends and we could joke with each other and laugh about things that outsiders would be shocked at. They are gone with the wind now and I moved. As I have never been able to find other friends like this again there is only this place. And when I say only I don't minimize it.
- I have learned social skills. All of us here. From Peak tantruming to teens blasting someone. We haven't perfected that but it has helped us to go out into the real world and use these same skills. It has helped us change our behaviour.
- There are no stupid questions here. And my answer might not suit what someone is asking I have tried. Same when it is the reverse. Sometimes nobody has an answer but I know they understand the frustration
- It feels good when I help someone else. I can think of different situations where we have helped one group brainstorm or I have helped one individual. I like being able to help.
- It has helped me to accept. I was already on here when red dot issues started to surface. At first I wouldn't read those posts because they "didn't apply to me." When I did start to need answers I could post with that dot and sometimes people would answer.
- I like that admin has listened over the years. I remember always having to tell people that I don't like to be hugged and people stopped using the hug sign with me. The flower of friendship was developed. Learning boundaries. How to set them and how to stand up for them.

There is probably more but that is a start.
02-23-2015, 04:16 AM
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RE: Know what I like about this place? - The People - 02-23-2015, 04:16 AM

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