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Angry  Feel so stupid!
A while back we had a discussion with We Are Karen about some brain malfunctions. It is good that we understand them but understanding that there is an issue that causes things like being unable to read maps doesn't make us feel less f*ck*ng stupid.

Today we had volunteer training. We went right instead of left, drove in circles and came home. Our old Tom Tom doesn't register the address and we aren't paying $75 for upgrades. It is American and we are in Canada so it doesn't even pick up addresses for old areas. We looked at Google maps and it meant nothing. North is the north pole when you are in the middle of rush hour traffic. Had looked it up on MapQuest last night and didn't write it down.

I hate my f*ck*ng life! We forgot bedtime meds so took hours falling asleep. The whole time Two was ranting about T as she is convinced T is leaving. She has come right out and asked (not in person) and T doesn't respond. She is also mad because she wrote a story for T. All she said was that it took a lot of work. She didn't say if she liked it and Two's feelings are hurt. Of course she has made T aware of this as well. She hates everybody right now.
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04-12-2016, 12:31 PM
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