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I called the LTD people today. A supervisor called me back. Apparently whoever was in charge of my file failed to do the paperwork in order to keep the cheques coming, be they ever so humble. I have lost track of the # of mistakes this company has made on my behalf and we always end up losing it. We want to go back to work but when I turn into such a mess every time something goes wrong - and they go wrong a lot - I worry that I would not be able to manage working. Not to demean people who do stuff like retail, waitressing etc. I suck at those jobs. I am best in the client service field which is what I worked at before I got ill.

The woman I spoke with does not get DID. She does not understand that the person who goes to work is not the person who loses it on the phone.

Another mistake that I discovered was that they reversed my month day in the age category, having me turn 65 6 months early. At 65 my income from them is cut way back. 10 months early is... unforgivable.Confused
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05-05-2014, 04:14 PM
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