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question about parts - Reilly - 09-15-2013

Hi Everyone.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
I have a question about parts that may seem kind of silly. So here goes, What do you do if no parts feel like being out (functioning the body) and prefer to remain in their peaceful internal world? I am wondering if that is at all possible! One of my son's parts has come out to basically keep the body going. However, he cares for the little ones inside and it is definitely not his role to be out here. He says no one wants to be out now. He is frustrated that he is stuck out here. I suggested they take turns even for short time periods, like a half hour each. So far no others will come out.
Have you ever experienced anything like this? How do you handle this?

RE: question about parts - Tangled Web - 09-15-2013

Hi. I used to be one of those parts who was generally out and went inside and didn't want to come back. For me it just felt like it is time to come back out. No one could make me come back, I needed to do it on my own. I am sorry this isn't very helpful....but there is probably a reason why they don't want to come out and until that reason goes away or they want to come out then I don't think they will be returning.

RE: question about parts - nats - 09-15-2013

agreeing - our experience is similar to TW's. if someone's stuck out who doesn't want to be b/c others don't want to be out - that's just how it is till someone else comes back out. usually it doesn't last too long though.

RE: question about parts - Reilly - 09-15-2013

Thanks Tangled Web and Nats!
I feel sorry for the part of my son that is out currently. He dislikes being out which makes me feel bad. I hope his parts learn to co-operate with one another again. Then perhaps our daily life could be peaceful.