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Sarah - Blue - 08-24-2013

So f*ck*n fed up of other insiders takin the p*ss!!! Havin no F*ck*n respect for our host. I ain't gonna get into what Sarah has just done cos a lot of ya probably don't wanna hear it. But I just needed to vent my anger somewhere cos I'm f*ck*n fuming!!!!!!
Anyway, anger vented - job done.
Sorry guys.

RE: Sarah - dragonfairy - 08-24-2013


Sorry things are going so crazy right now for you and that Sarah messed things up today! I knew after she and I talked that things were going to go badly but there wasn't much I could do about it. Sorry I haven't been able to really be a better influence Sad I was once just like her so hopefully with a little time, patience and maybe getting some thing built inside she will start to calm down so that you and your host are not so stressed out. Also sent you another pm about the situation. Hope to catch up with you again soon. Know you are probably already in bed now as your time it would be after midnight. Also remind Lila she has a message when she can get to it so she doesn't feel ignored!


RE: Sarah - Blue - 08-25-2013

Yo Katie.
Don't worry bout it. Your influence HAS been good. It certainly hasn't been bad. Cheers for the pm. I sent ya one back.