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Too amazing to be coincidence - The People - 07-25-2013

As we were having trouble settling in for the night the other... morning, Two was stirred up due to a storm that was either or coming or going. She informed the kitties and God and whoever else was listening that she wanted a sleeping bag because they were safer to sleep in. The next day we went over to help friends with packing as they are moving away. Sad Anyway, they are getting rid of a lot because they are leaving the country for at least a few years. They gave us some stuff including a cool giant shell and... a sleeping bag. Two was a bit sad as it is green and she expected it to be the same blue as the cover but she never specified that in her meanderings. Maybe God does listen at times.

RE: Too amazing to be coincidence - Katz Krew - 07-25-2013

That's sooo amazing People! Love when that happens.

Jamie of Katz Krew