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rachel of the people - The People - 07-17-2013

member me atoll? I not rited here afore I hate them red lines mean mastake mastake annoying. anaways. I of triplet peak me an patricia an pek very mad of now and two mad of peak say mean thinkgs to are t who leaved. she say two say it wat not tru. wyatmess here. so much tired. we hava new fone and we hate it. mite take it back geta diferent one there here. to hard you have trubles of fones/

RE: rachel of the people - finlyalive - 07-22-2013

Hope things get better for you soon.

RE: rachel of the people - MakersDozn - 07-27-2013

hi rachel i am josie and i am six. and i am riting cuz i think you are six if you are a triplet with peak. and i am sorry about your t lady. and about your fone. and i hope you feel better.

bye from josie