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Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Melody - 05-24-2013

Just recently went to the psych hospital. And my f-ing doctor did not believe that D.i.D. Is a real disorder. I asked him if it is in the D.S.M.-4 how could he deny its validity. He tried to tell me that Borderline Personality Personality Disorder is the same thing. What a freaking moron. He messed up my meds and treated me like I didn't know what is "wrong" with me!!!! I am so frustrated I go into hospital and I come out feeling worse.

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - finlyalive - 05-25-2013

I'm so sorry with your experience. I've been diagnosed with that as well. Of course, I've also been diagnosed with bi-polar, mood disorder, chronic and major depressive disorder. You name it. So many don't believe that it is a real diagnosis. My current psychiatrist doesn't believe in MPD/DID either. However, my therapist does. I'm not sure how much she did before she met us, but she does now. Of course, she doesn't know much about it or how to treat it. She just says we're all welcome to come in and talk. It doesn't quite work that way, but who knows?

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Melody - 05-25-2013

Thank you Fin! It's nice to know I'm not alone! Minc

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Reilly - 05-25-2013

I am sorry Melody for your negative experience. I will never understand why the psychological professionals won't believe or treat DID appropriately. Perhaps if they had to spend time with a person or significant other of a person with DID they would have more empathy. My son is poly-fragmented, I live with this everyday, I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, and I was once told by a counselor (who saw my son switch parts) that we had shared psychosis! I am not psychotic and neither is my child!
My son will be seeing a new therapist soon and I am hoping she truly understands. If she does not it will cause more harm. Not having your parts validated or being disbelieved can be heartbreaking.
I understand your frustration. Sitting with you now.

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - finlyalive - 05-25-2013

(05-25-2013, 05:14 PM)Melody Wrote: Thank you Fin! It's nice to know I'm not alone! Minc

Not to negate your experience in any way, but, in all honesty, we are never alone! LOL. Sorry, couldn't help it. Blush Seriously, validation is nice. Understanding? Hmmmm....that would be nice.

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Cammy - 05-27-2013

I've had the same ER experience, so now I avoid ER like the plague. I despise being invalidated in this manner by someone who doesn't know their head from a hole in the ground, and worse yet, to have my meds/treatment all rearranged around BPD. What's scary is just how common this experience is. If they're going to go to the trouble to write and publish their questionably efficacious DSM, then they might as well at least follow along and believe that their listed disorders exist. I am to the point where I don't even mention the DID anymore...I am tired of being invalidated or just plain sneered at. If I go in I stick to the absolute basic presenting chief complaint (depressions,anxiety, hallucinations, etcetera). It is a sad situation when you cannot disclose your psychiatric history in an honest open manner because of fear of ridicule, stigma, invalidation, improper treatment and the like. And all this from a profession who has spent the last 50 years helping Big Pharma perpetuate lies about the safety and efficacy about psychotropic meds. That whole profession is a huge mess right now. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with them, but at least know you are not alone.

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Melody - 05-28-2013

To Igraine: I abhore the ER as well, you would think that would be the safest place to be. SO NOT!!! I went about a year ago, I was in a really bad place. They brought me in by ambulance. When my husband told the head doctor I had D.I.D. she told him that it had been disprooved several a years ago. To make a long story short he signed me out AMA. I wish there was something I could do to help others to not have to go through this sh*t! -Minc

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - finlyalive - 05-29-2013

Anyone who hasn't experienced what we have wouldn't be able to grasp the realness of this diagnosis. It is difficult to grasp on any level. It is very frustrating when we have had to hide our entire lives and still have to hide. Just when we think we can stand up, we see that, once again, we have to duck our heads or run away all together. No, Melody, indeed, you are not alone.

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Blue - 08-11-2013

i know what ya mean Melody. I am very misunderstood and a lot of people don't even believe i exist! It's a sad predicament. i hate bein so misunderstood. even ma host's mother has trouble believing. My host wants me to meet her psychiatrist but i aint sure about that. i speak with her therapist though. When we were in hospital some of the nurses used to just shout my host's name at me and kept repeatin over and over that we weren't in a dissociative state!! i felt like i wanted to jump out the body an show them who i really was!! Wish that were possible.

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Cammy - 08-11-2013

Better yet is have them inhabit our minds for a few moments. Then they would really know (and be screaming to be let out - lol).

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - Blue - 08-11-2013

Very true Igraine. Then they'd really see what it's like.

RE: Uneducated Stupid MF Doctors - The People - 08-11-2013

I am very sorry you had to experience such a disaster. Please don't give up because there are people out there who believe in you. I would say that I do but I do not know you. Yu are showing that you have the strength to carry on however and that is worth more than that stupid doctor had to say.

I don't know if it helps but many of us here have had stupid doctors like that. A lot of us. One pdoc drug addict referred to DID as a phenomenon. He did not believe in it. He was useless and soooo unhelpful that I fired him as my doctor. However, I now have a wonderful PDoc. She does believe I DID although it is not her specialty she believes in me. They are out there. And nothing worse can happen than you went through during the dark times. Sno1