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Night time leg cramps fix - Cammy - 04-19-2013

I finally found a useful tool for eliminating leg cramps at night from a web site this doctor runs. He says that drinking tonic water with quinine in it will do the trick. I tried it, and I had my first sleep for weeks without walking up in severe pain. Not all tonic water is equal so make sure you buy some with actual quinine in it. I've got Schweppes and Canada Dry, and about 6 oz works for me. More or less may be needed in different cases. Wow. Something that works for a change! I absolutely HAD to share this little gem with my friends at MM.

PS: Tonic water tastes like crap. The quinine makes it very bitter. Just pretend it's medicine. Squeeze a little wedge of lemon in it and that helps a bit.

RE: Night time leg cramps fix - Katz Krew - 05-02-2013

I found Hyland's Leg Cramp Remedy worlks amazingly. I bite into one or two of them to make them powder like then shove it under my tongue for faster delivery to my blood system. Walmart sells 40 tabs for about $3.59-4.60ish. Takes about 1-2 minutes for the cramps to subside. I swear by the stuff.

Jamie of Katz Krew

RE: Night time leg cramps fix - Cammy - 05-02-2013

What is it? What's in it? Sounds interesting.

RE: Night time leg cramps fix - Elizabethn - 05-02-2013

Yup, tonic water helps me a lot, too, as does eating a banana every day.

RE: Night time leg cramps fix - Katz Krew - 05-14-2013

Sorry it took so long to respond. Google searched for the Hyland's ingredients and found this:

Active Ingredients: Cinchona Officinalis (Quinine) - 3 X (Pain in Limbs & Joints), Aconitum Nap. - 6 X (Pains in Joints, Legs), Gnaphalium Poly. - 3 X (Cramps in Calves), Ledum Pal. - 6 X (Pain and Cramps in Legs), Magnesia Phos. - 6 X (Cramps in Calves), Rhus Tox. - 6 X (Sciatica, Pain and Stiffness), Viscum Alb. - 3 X (Pain in Joints, Sciatica)

Inactive Ingredients: Lactose N.F., Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate

It works so very well for me. I get leg cramps in rounds.....a few days on a few off. Time passes and it starts up again. They are pretty painful too. I get them mainly in the upper thigh and I cannot stand up or walk because of them. I keep Hyland's near my bed as well as a percussion massager which also helps while the Hyland's kicks in.

Good luck.

Jamie of Katz Krew

RE: Night time leg cramps fix - Elizabethn - 05-26-2013

Another that helps me is taking extra zinc--but I have a known/diagnosed zinc deficiency. This might be worth checking out.

RE: Night time leg cramps fix - The People - 06-22-2013

Whenever I break in new shoes or spend too much time on bare feet I go through hell. Legs up the wall (google it to get it right) really, really helps. Last night I had ice out - well frozen peas - to ice my feet and then back. I do the exercises my physio gave me for my back and most of all I do yoga. If I cannot get to a class I do it at home. Leg cramps are often from back issues (while diet can also play a role) I also have horribly flat and bad feet... Immamess.

RE: Night time leg cramps fix - Cammy - 06-25-2013

Thanks everyone for your input. To The People- I have back issues too (had surgery) so that may well be contributing to the killer cramps.