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different parts up front - Reilly - 04-08-2013

Hi Everyone.
Kind of have this question and was wondering if anyone else here has had a similar experience and if so how you handled it.
I know someone who recently had an old part take control of the body and is acting as the "host." The problem is this part is in her late teens (the body is in her mid seventies) and has not been out in over forty years!!! You can imagine the chaos as a lot has changed since 1970! For example she had no clue what a microwave was and wanted to know what happened to her 1969 car. I have been trying to update her as to the latest technology (her shower is high tech, too many buttons) and fill her in on the news highlights from the past forty years. It is like she went to sleep one night as a teenager and woke up in an older person's body.
Has anyone here had this experience and if so how did you handle it? She lives alone and is in another state so all I can do is offer suggestions.
Thanks for your thoughts.

RE: different parts up front - Cammy - 04-08-2013

My first reaction to a dissociation that's practically a fugue is that she needs to be kept safe at all times by someone who can stay with her. I'm thinking a trip to see the P at the ER might also not be too far out of hand, if just to rule out any major organic problem (like cerebral hemorrhage or blockage, etc). Her immediate safety and medical status are what concern me the most.

RE: different parts up front - nats - 04-09-2013

if there's no underlying neurological reason, then she'll still have others in there who experienced the past few decades and can help her adjust. she may want to ask around inside for awhile.