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sad - Silent Society - 03-16-2013

Hi friends. I am sad today. Ok, but sad. I met with my new t again yesterday. It went ok, but still wish my t was not sick and that I did not have to do this. He is the one who knows and now I can not see him. I know that we will figure it out, but am tired of having to figure things out. Am going to try to go clean and get some other stuff done. Thanks for listening.

RE: sad - nats - 03-17-2013

hearing you.

RE: sad - Tangled Web - 03-17-2013

Sorry Silent Society, I know how hard that can be. I hear and understand the tired feeling. Sitting with you if that is ok.

RE: sad - The People - 03-18-2013

RootbeerTotally understand. We have been in T for a long, long time. Some good ones like now. Some disasterous. Some got 1 appointment out of me and I ran. Just remember that you do not have to pick 1 person and decide you have to stay with them. We used to think that way. And someone sent me to a woman on 2 different occasions because they thought it would be a good fit. They weren't. But osme were. Listen to your gut. I know it is hard but some day you might be able to look back on this time and be proud of yourself for looking after you.

RE: sad - Silent Society - 03-19-2013

Thanks all for the support. It is nice to have others that understand. I dont have that in my 3D world. Most just dont get it.