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struggling - Silent Society - 03-08-2013

Hi guys. Am going to try to post. I found out just before Christmas that my therapist of 13 years had lung cancer. He has started treatment and we are not able to see him. Everyone is terrified. Was an issue for a long time for inside ones over whether or not he would keep working with us. Finally got to a place were he is trusted by most and now we have to worry about whether or not he will live. Have been very sad. met with a new t yesterday and she seemed very nice but every one was so sad because is not the t they are used to. that is what is going on with us.

RE: struggling - mosaic - 03-08-2013

that is a huge thing to deal with. it's so hard when things like that happen. and scary! it makes sense that you are very sad.

we hope the new t will let you talk about the sadness a lot.

RE: struggling - nats - 03-09-2013

hi silent society,
that is hard and scary. take care of yourselves. we'll be hoping for the best for you.