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Doctors! Slight med - The People - 02-11-2013

I went to a f*ck*ng allergist today all the way down on 23rd street. My GPS would not take the address so I was over 1/2 hour late. All for nothing. The scratch tests showed no allergies. I have to go for blood tests but what is the f*ck*ng use. I was so pissed I stopped at Safeway on the way home and ate a double bag of M&M peanuts. f*ck it if I get sick. Not supposed to. Not allergic to anything. Even the latex came out clear and if I put on a set of latex gloves I get a rash on my arm.

They gave me a px for an epipen but I am not filling it. They lose their effectiveness after a few months and I am not carrying that thing everywhere. Not one thing showed up. I give up., I don’t have celiac. No allergies and probably no f*ck*ng alters.

I don’t know why I am so mad. It wasn’t as if they didn’t listen. But the tests ALL came out negative. I don’t get it. So when I say I am allergic to this and that I feel like I am a f*ck*ng liar.

RE: Doctors! Slight med - The People - 02-15-2013

Follow up on this. we have been having an allergy kind of day today. perhaps a delayed reaction to the tests for the allergies we don't have. please read last sentence with note of sarcasm in voice.Rolleyes

RE: Doctors! Slight med - Cammy - 03-20-2013

From what I've read (and it is well documented)your others are probably the ones with the allergies...really and for true. Then, when YOU go get tested nothing shows up. That doesn't mean that the allergies are not there. They are there and very real, but not to everyone. I have no idea how you're expected to be tested in this type of situation. I can well imagine how majorly frustrated, fed up, and peeved this must make you. Wish I had some good suggestions other than to treat the symptoms as they occur. I mean, what else CAN you do in this situation?

RE: Doctors! Slight med - nats - 03-21-2013

following Igraine's train of thought, since your allergist is unlikely to want to consider DID, perhaps you can ask about 'temporary allergic reactions' and how to address them?