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Problem - The People - 02-01-2013

We bought 2 used angels last year. The kind you plug in and they are supposed to do something. Thhey look alike but one is an angel and one is a choir member. We never plugged them in last year.

This year we got our big tree back and decorated it. As we were deciding what to do with the angels (fear of plugging them in) Two and Peak realized that they don't have any undies on. They freaked and Two chucked them out onto the balcony. She would not let us put them in the garbage.

So here we are. It is Feb 1. if the dolls were real they would be frozen. Bad weather here. We will now be able to open the balcony and need to do something with them. Two is gonna freak. We will just have to do it but oy. telling her to stay inside when she doesn't want to do so is like asking the cat to wash the dishes. Well we have done that and it doesn't work.Huh

RE: Problem - mosaic - 02-02-2013

that's quite a dilemma... wish we had a good suggestion for how to help two and the rest of you take care of it.

we hear you

RE: Problem - The Warren - 02-04-2013

Can you buy them some undies? Like doll clothes? Or at least some pants?

RE: Problem - The People - 02-05-2013

The only way to get them on would be to cut them or put a diaper on them. However we would have to be able to touch them to do that., Maybe will find an old blanket and cover them. Oops. Panic inside when I wrote that and visualized what to do with them. Hmmm. Problem for T to sort out.

RE: Problem - MakersDozn - 02-09-2013


I understand how Two feels. Some of us kids got very upset once when we thought about how Winnie the Pooh only wears a shirt and no pants. Some outside people didn't think it was such a big deal. And these people had inside people or were friends with people who had inside people. So it got us kind of mad that they didn't understand that a trigger is a trigger even if it's not the same trigger as anyone else's trigger.

And do you sew at all? Maybe you could get some white fabric and do that. Make them some underpants. Even if you don't sew good. Cuz nobody else but you guys would see it. And then you could put the angels away.

Lauranine and Eeyore