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A bit of confusion - The People - 02-01-2013

There are 2 buttons under each post. There is 'reply' and 'new reply'. with one you end up within the other person's post. The other gets its own box. Purpose?

RE: A bit of confusion - mosaic - 02-02-2013

basically the purpose is so you can reply without the quote of the other person's post if you want... at least that's how i understand it.

RE: A bit of confusion - MakersDozn - 02-09-2013

Yes, mosaic is correct. We/MDs vastly prefer the New Reply button, as we prefer not to quote other people unless it's absolutely necessary to make our post make sense.

Also, choosing not to quote makes the entire thread shorter and more manageable.


RE: A bit of confusion - Tangled Web - 02-09-2013

Good to know. Thanks for asking the question The People.