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P day tomorrow - The People - 01-29-2013

Someone asked if we were tapering off the cipralex and the answer is yes. We had hoped that we would have some breathing space. IN the past when we came off a drug we would sort of spring up a bit for a while. Didn't need the pills. However this time we just sink further into a hole. Probably because of not working and no sense of purpose, limited human contact, limited friends...

So we see PDoc tomorrow. She will do 1 of 2 things. She will decide that she does not know how to help us or she will stick us on another pill and our clothes will get too small again. Life sucks.

RE: P day tomorrow - MakersDozn - 01-29-2013

Good luck. We're sending good thoughts.


RE: P day tomorrow - nats - 01-29-2013

sending good thoughts for tomorrow..