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not sure what happened - dreamers - 01-25-2013

talk of int*rgr*at*on and interpersonal c*nfl*ct we'll scroll just in case those topics trigger anyone here.
We recently had a huge "misunderstanding" with a very dear friend of almost everyone in our system. He was or maybe still is a role model and father figure for the littles. Well, after 4 days of tears and pain and phone calls we finally resolve the mess with him ( which by the way is more pain and trouble than we would go through for any other friend). But now, the 2 littles who were closest to him are seemingly gone. Is it possible for alters to spontaneously integrate because of a painful emotional experience? We (bigs) have looked everywhere inside for these 2 and they are nowhere to be found. Any thoughts on what might have happened or ideas about how to get them back would be greatly appreciated as they are sorely missed.
Neal with Dreamers

RE: not sure what happened - nats - 01-25-2013

a lot of our people hibernate for extended periods and cannot be found anywhere. they reappear just as spontaneously and seemingly randomly. maybe its something like this?

RE: not sure what happened - MakersDozn - 01-25-2013

Agree with nats here. It happens to us often. Insiders go into hiding until they're ready to reappear.

Hope things get better for you folks soon, Neal.


RE: not sure what happened - Reilly - 01-26-2013

Hi Neal with Dreamers.
My son offered a suggestion to help these little ones return. He said to put out their favorite food and a "sorry" note next to it. This can be done on the inside or out. It has worked for him in the past.
Hope they return soon!

RE: not sure what happened - Cammy - 03-09-2013

I've had this happen and had to plan a special Teddy Bears picnic on the inside complete with little presents, snacks, a fun setting, and the promise of lots of play and hugs. My frightened little was gently coaxed back and ended sitting on my knee smeared from stem to stern in chocolate ice cream. She's never disappeared on me since. I hope this helps. Don't worry, they're not gone, just hiding and a little scared right now. Try the picnic with their favourite inside people invited and see how it goes.

RE: not sure what happened - Cammy - 03-11-2013

Hi Dreamers, it's Igraine here. I can't help wondering if you've located your little ones or if they are still in hiding. I feel so bad for you being separated like this. Please don't grieve, they will be back when they feel the coast is clear.