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Funny story - The People - 01-15-2013

Well I found it funny. I had a job briefly over the summer that was enough to knock us on our *ss for various reasons. We had to contact someone about a client and she accused us of being afraid of him before we got 2 sentences out. "NO!" went into experience blah blah blah... And no I was not afraid of him. Her response?

Well I am happy for you that you have all of that experience but I am a psych nurse!

Alexa stayed inside and we were able to refrain from either laughing at her or telling her that would explain why she was a f*ck*ng clueless b*tch who was so quick to make assumptions. Well it was not funny that day but it is now. Imagine telling someone in recovery from serial psych ward visits that they were talking to a psych nurse and expect them to be impressed?

How do you tell the difference between patients and staff on a psych ward? Patients get better and go home. Haha I crack me up as The Pirate would say.