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Coming off cipralex - The People - 01-09-2013

Anyone else have to come off this med? We were on double the regular dose because it stopped working. Thenw e got severe leg cramps that could only be stopped by lying down and just finished the last cut back the other day.

so much fun. not like we haven't done this before. this is actually about the longest we have been on a drug - sometime in 2007. sometimes we are a bit manic and at other times want to punch something. more of the latter. if we are busy it isn't so bad but people p*ss us off as we know things and they don't listen. Too long a story. Nap time. Good to finally get back in. Thanks for the patience.

RE: Coming off cipralex - MakersDozn - 01-13-2013

Never heard of it....what's it for? Glad you're doing better, though.

BTW, you still have that other account that you created when you couldn't log in here. It's basically sitting in limbo. Shall we delete the seccond account now that you're able to get in on your regular account?


RE: Coming off cipralex - The People - 01-14-2013

yes please delete the other account. Cipralex has another name. Not sure what it is. Things are not getting better. When I am awake I am angry. When I sleep I have nightmares. Sometimes I sleep 4 hours sometimes 14. I have a twitch that runs from my eyeball to my jawbone. I am a step awat from hell. It sucks. Have done withdrawal in the past. It is probably worse this time as I am also in menopause. Life sucks.

RE: Coming off cipralex - MakersDozn - 01-14-2013

Wow, we didn't realize how difficult it's been for you. Our only experience with withdrawal was with Xanax, and that was over 15 years ago. We hope things get much better for you soon.....we're sending you good thoughts.

FYI, we deleted that other account for you.


RE: Coming off cipralex - The People - 01-15-2013

Withdrawal continues. Stomach is really upset this week, making it almost impossible to eat. Just saw pdoc and she is sure it is a side effect of withdrawal. However, she cannot give me an ETA into the land of sure footing as everyone is different.

My sister was on xanax once. The doctor was supposed to write 3x daily and he wrote 13 by mistake. Totally stoned all the time she was a mess by the time the mistake was caught. She had to do detox in H. Pass on that thanks.

RE: Coming off cipralex - MakersDozn - 01-22-2013

OMG....13 times daily? Yikes.

Sorry this is still so difficult for you. Continuing to send good thoughts.


RE: Coming off cipralex - The Warren - 01-22-2013

Lexapro is the US trade name. It's an SSRI. Are you tapering off? You need to taper off that stuff to minimize withdrawal.

RE: Coming off cipralex - The People - 04-12-2015

We did taper off. But this was right around the time we realized we had Celiac Disease. A few months after we stopped it I think. So while we were always prone to side effects and withdrawal, a that point it would be difficult to know what was what.