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ACA anyone? - robbie - 12-28-2012

Hi again to everyone,
I am just recently back here again and I was wondering if anyone else had done Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional families 12 step meetings. I am finding it good but also triggery and am trying to be pretty careful with it. I signed on to a workbook study.....

This fall has been really tough with current family stuff and it kind of headed me that direction. The ACA material seems to openly acknowledge inside multiple kids and I find that encouraging and I find a lot of the approach helpful but not all of it.

Just wondered if anyone else had tried it out.

ALso I just started doing the WHEE techniques again and that really helped me get out of feeling so triggered. I was thinking of quitting ACA. It is a combo technique of EMDR and EFT and it's really simple and DIY.
Kind of streamlined for kids to use. Somehow appropriate for me!

I can post a link if anyone is interested.

nice to be back on MM!

RE: ACA anyone? - MakersDozn - 12-28-2012

Hi robbie,

We haven't been part of any 12-step programs for years, but we have found the steps helpful. Glad that you're taking care of yourselves.

We'd be interested in the link that you mentioned, just out of curiosity.


RE: ACA anyone? - robbie - 12-28-2012

hey MDs
I just searched for the site again and it is not as friendly as it was....
some ads and logins are there now.

however I did find this

it's a basic intro to what it is. He also has a free ebook download

it's really just a tapping technique with affirmations. It uses words and tapping rather than big cathartic experiences and it is about directly destressing and getting triggering memories, stuck beliefs etc to recede. It is very DIY.

It has worked well for me but I had forgotten about it til recently. If I can give you more info don't hesitate to ask.

Glad to see you !

PS are the forums all public now? I was surprised that I could read this without logging in. I thought they used to be private unless you were registered...

RE: ACA anyone? - MakersDozn - 12-28-2012

Hi again robbie,

Thanks for the link. We're not comfortable with techniques that involve tapping, but perhaps someone else may find it helpful.

Putting on our admin/mod hat:

The member forums are public except the three boards for young people and the two boards for intense content (Intensity Heights). All registered members can access the young people's boards. Members have to request access to the IH forums. (There's a thread on the Help Desk forum on how to make this request.)

Here is a thread explaining the reasons for the change in how the forums are accessed:

If you have any further questions about these issues, please feel free to post on the Help Desk forum.


RE: ACA anyone? - robbie - 12-28-2012

Thanks MDs. I will take a look at that link. Sorry to make you put on your other hat!

BTW the tapping is optional. He encourages kids to just use their toes for example. I think anything that works on the alternate sides is the key. Eye movement, maybe even walking altho I haven't seen that specifically mentioned.

there is something about activating the left and right brain with movement of some kind that seems key.

good to see you!

RE: ACA anyone? - MakersDozn - 12-31-2012

No problem for us to clarify the admin stuff. That's one of the reasons that we got the hat in the first place. Smile

We appreciate your explaining more about the technique....tapping, eye movement, etc....For us these elements all evoke similarities to EMDR, which we don't do.


RE: ACA anyone? - Elizabethn - 01-05-2013

Welll.....I have hesitated to respond here for many days. Yeah, I'm an ACA, that part is easy enough. But I have a major antipathy for 12-stepping. Bqsically I consider it to be a mind control cult.

I have read Melody Whatshername's books. Meh. She's not very educated and a lousy writer and she stole all her ideas. I don't like that stuff at all. That's my opinion. I think there are far better, safer, healthier ways to address those problems.

RE: ACA anyone? - MakersDozn - 01-07-2013

(01-05-2013, 09:36 PM)Elizabethn Wrote: I think there are far better, safer, healthier ways to address those problems.

What ways have worked for you? Anything you'd like to recommend?


RE: ACA anyone? - Elizabethn - 01-08-2013

Well, basically my thought is that it's better to go with clinical, evidence based methods, so that means therapy as opposed to step groups.

RE: ACA anyone? - MakersDozn - 01-13-2013

(01-08-2013, 10:28 AM)Elizabethn Wrote: Well, basically my thought is that it's better to go with clinical, evidence based methods, so that means therapy as opposed to step groups.

Okay, thanks for explaining.


RE: ACA anyone? - orek - 01-14-2013

Hi, robbie, welcome back!

I had forgotten about the forums being public, or maybe it never "registered" (forgive the pun) with us what that means. Now i want to go back and read what we wrote, see if we gave too much info that may identify us!

I tried decades ago, and I don't recall it helping much. Same for other 12-step programs (like OA when I had an ED). They worked well for a couple people I know, but it wasn't helpful for us for various reasons. It's not a one-size-fits-all. If it works for you, that's great.

We saved the site to explore at another time. Thanks for that!