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Migraines - MakersDozn - 07-06-2012

We started getting migraines when the body was in its mid-40s. (It's 50 now.) We often get menstrual migraines, although those are not as nerve-wracking as the emotional rollercoaster that has us convinced that we're in the throes of PMDD. But we digress.

Our earliest migraines, like the one we have at the moment, were caused by extreme and prolonged heat and humidity. This is the kind of weather that we've had for the past two weeks or so--temps above 90F/32.2C.

We don't have a prescription for migraines; we only take Extra-Strength Tylenol, which doesn't always help with migraines. We don't want to ask for a prescription, because we're afraied that it would interact badly with our Prozac.

Anyone identify with this? What do you do about it?


RE: Migraines - Tangled Web - 07-06-2012

I can identify with this. My head has been pounding for almost 2 weeks and I have chalked it up to the heat and humidity also. I can get some relief by placing a wet face cloth in the freezer for a bit and then place it on my forehead. It feels like my head is actually going to overheat and this helps. I also take cold showers and just let the cold water run down my head. It isn't a permanent solution but I am finding tylenol and Advil don't even touch it at times and this helps lesson the pain, for me any ways.

RE: Migraines - Katz Krew - 07-06-2012

Hi MD,

I used to have what I called migraines alot. Not sure that's what the doc would call them because we could still function moderately well where true migraines pretty much incapacitates a person usually. I still get alot of headaches. Nothing but Excedrin works for me. I should buy stock in the company cause I use so much of it. If it's a product you can use I know they have Excedrin Migraine that you can get over the counter. I couldn't say what caused mine but I know today it was very hot and I've had a headache all day. About to take some Excedrin now actually. I totally understand the incessantness of it though and you have my hopes and wishes that you are able to get rid of it and figure out exactly how to avoid them. It sucks royally.

I would urge you to talk to your doc (your pharmacist may be able to answer this question too as they have to stay on top of that kind of info) about possible interaction with Prozac if you were to get a script to handle this overbearing pain. If it means some relief I'd think it'd be worth a try at least. Just cause they give you a script doesn't mean you have to take all of it. Your doc may even have a sample so you don't have to purchase a full month's worth. I would also google to see what info is out there that you can find out. Perhaps might be able to give you an idea even though I don't know how reliable they are.

Good luck.

Jamie for Katz Krew

RE: Migraines - MakersDozn - 07-08-2012

Thanks, TW and Jamie. We appreciate your replies. Our migraine has receded, as has the heat and humidity. Although it'll be another couple of days before the temps are back down to what we consider reasonable.