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Going to old site - The People - 06-21-2012

When I google here I still get brought to old site. This does not make sense unless the old stuff is stored in the computer somewhere. I answered a question and went to 'page no longer available'. Is there not a redirect somewhere. The place is pretty empty and maybe people cannot find us? I do know it was a bit quiet before the change over. We miss Pirate and know somebody here P O'd him. I hope that wasn't what drove him away.HP

RE: Going to old site - MakersDozn - 06-21-2012

We just googled "mosaic minds" (in quotes) and the top result was the new site. Have you tried clearing out your cache / temporary internet files?

As for Pirate not posting here for a while....we miss her too. But we think that her absence is because of other things that have nothing to do with MM or anyone here.