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Best friend blocked our phones for no reason - dreamers - 01-05-2021

Our best friend Morgan suddenly blocked both our phones out of the blue with no reasons given. We are heartbroken. The only thing that we can figure is it might have something to do with her grandma having d*ed over the Christmas holidays. The foo says that we should never try to contact her again but I don’t know if we are strong enough to just give up. We were thinking of trying again in March for her birthday. Any thoughts would be appreciated and if someone could please sit with us. We just keep crying on and off all day.

Our mom says that we don’t want to come across as bothersome but I don’t see how sending flowers or her birthday could be seen like that especially if we don’t contact her again before that

RE: Best friend blocked our phones for no reason - dreamers - 01-06-2021

We have decided to get a card, address it to her family and put an instacart gift card in it with a note saying that shopping was one of the hardest things for us after our grandma d*ed. So we hope she finds the voucher as useful as we would have. We have peace about doing this and then leaving the ball in her quart afterwards. We texted the mom saying that this is our plan and she said she wouldn’t... took everything in us not reply to her and say

“ the nice thing about question marks is that they make it obvious when someone is asking something and if you look very closely you will notice a complete lack of them in our previous communication but thanks for your opinion” we are almost 40 body-wise and if we feel like we should load 30 dollars on a gift card for someone we tell the foo just because they manage the credit card bills but we Are Not Asking. I swear on some level the mom thinks we are 39 months old rather than years