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Teens - The People - 08-09-2020

I just watched a movie on Netflix. A documentary. It was about 2 girls.One was named Daisy. I started crying halfway through. Part of me thinks you should show this movie to your kids as soon as they stop playing with dolls.

The fantasies about being the jock's g/f can quickly turn into a nightmare. And so often towns protect them because they will bring home the trophy and their grandfather was somebody important.

The issue isn't getting better. Kids are drinking younger and taking more risks. They cannot bring themselves to change their phones or even turn it off.

SA happens. Friends of the boys blame them. Girs don't support them.

Such a time to be young!

RE: Teens - mosaic - 08-10-2020

you are right. it is much more dangerous world, and teens do not appreciate that their behavior has consequences (such as drinking inhibits rational thinking, and a person may engage in riskier behaviors - which can result in SA).

and unfortunately the excusing and enabling attitudes towards the abuser (usually a guy) persist and have not been adequately addressed in our society.

it really is discouraging.

RE: Teens - The People - 08-16-2020

Very much so. And girls are much more open about sex than even unabused kids were when we were young. Many girls believe that @rals#x is not sex. Especially the younger ones. I don't deny parents.

In my home there were 6 girls. Some started early while some of us never relly got started.