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Monominds! - The People - 05-08-2020

People drive me crazy. They say things like "you should just let it go!" I ended up in this f*ck*ng mess because I let things go for decades. They annoy me as much as my family sometimes.

Yesterday I had it with my sister. She has this need to send me updates on things. Like how Covid 19 is doing in the province where we grew up. Or an update on a horrid event that took place a few months ago but is still being investigated. When the latter happened I stopped everything. I shut off Facebook as people need to play keep up volleyball when there is bad news.

I don't know but others but the things that make me the craziest are the things over which I have no control. So I avoid the news etc because it doesn't change anything by watching the same thing day after day.

What does my sister do? She sends me a copy of the front page f the NS newspaper. I told her not to do that.

I wrote to her after that to tell her that I am fine, just can't cope with the news. So when she sent another front page yesterday I lost it. I reminder that I had asked her twice not to update me. I can use a computer too.

She sent me a message saying she didn't have that in her memory. So I dug into the deleted files and reforwarded them to her. No response.

People tell me that I need to let things go. They have no idea how mch I have let things go over the years. She has been like this all our lives. Why should I let it go when I f*ck*ng asked her not to send me certain things as they upset me.

As well, I donated to the organization for the disease that is killing 2 of my brothers. Both were SA but I have let go of enough to have empathy for them. I sent her a copy of the donation receipt and asked her to send it to him. Brother calls crazy sister and asked for my #. She gave it to him without even asking me.

She lives in a fairy tale world where it will all end happily ever after. Years ago she told me a therapist said she had DID but it was never treated. It explains things but doesn't excuse them. I am from a large family. How can someone be a typical middle child despite having so many siblings!

RE: Monominds! - mosaic - 05-08-2020

wow how frustrating that your sister can't follow your wishes after you tell her so explicitly. and how awful that she gave out your phone number without checking with you.

i don't know how you manage to even stay in touch when you are being treated like that. you're a better person than i.

RE: Monominds! - The People - 05-09-2020

She is mentally ill. Also has DID but she has blocked out the dx after issues with family exploded. So it is difficult to shut her out. I just take a time out.

And to be honest, it makes me feel like I have a little bit of an attachment.As dysfunctional as it is.