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Postmates ( warning avoid this company - dreamers - 04-30-2020

I had the experience from Hell today with Postmates ( a “ food” please note the quotes, delivery service app). What I received from McDonald’s this morning hardly qualified as “ food” since it could not safely be eaten. The eggs were still raw in the middle. In spite of this Postmates would not even partially refund me. Then they give me the run around when I want to delete my account.

Even if this company offers you free “food” Run like HELL because you cannot be certain that whatever they are giving you will be useful as food and then you can’t just delete your own f*ckimg account.

I swear if they ask me to confirm my delete request one more time I am going to be like “Certainly, Where should I tell the pilot that you’re corporate office is so he can place the Fing SKYWRITING in the right DUCKING place? “
3 times 3... I have gotten three different emails saying please reply to this email to confirm that you wish to delete your account.

Do people who want to remain in association with a company typically use the words “ absolutely livid” with three exclamation marks after it in their complaint letters? I was hoping such language might give this idiots a clue.

They have to be pretty close to priority one on the brain transplant list or maybe it was already attempted and rejected.

RE: Postmates ( warning avoid this company - The People - 05-02-2020

I am not a fan of McYuck's, to begin with. However, free food is always tempting. Thanks for the warning. An interesting piece of news that might explain their change in taste. McDonald's normally uses Canadian beef which is known around the world for being some of the best. For some reason (weirdness of Covid) they have moved away from our beef. I cannot swear that this is the cause for disgust but for beef lovers it may be part of things.

RE: Postmates ( warning avoid this company - The People - 05-03-2020

Ditto with Mosaic.