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Question for anyone who is reading - The People - 04-08-2020

MT. Talk of potential death and children. Very sad. Doctors are *ss holes.



3As you went through life, especially the pre-dx years, are sections of your life frozen in time? For example, one of the things that kept me going during the hardest years was being a Big Sister. I had several but only 2 stuck and I couldn't have loved them more if they were really my own children.

Both of them had struggles as adults but with one life was extremely brutal. her daughter contracted a disease at the age of 8 which destroyed her functioning. Doctors in Alberta did not test for Lyme Disease because once upon a time there were no records of it. So the child got sicker and sicker. Her mother was there for her day and night.

She no longer talks about this child now. On her facebook page. So I don't know if the child was forced to give up the fight. It is not exactly a question one can ask.

I am devastated though. For the child that I have never met and for the mother that I have loved forever. It is like I am a person with shoe boxes and each section of time comes out of its own accord. Without warning.


RE: Question for anyone who is reading - mosaic - 04-09-2020

this does sound really sad. and it is very difficult to process when you don't have definitive knowledge of what has happened. and asking about it is tricky, if not impossible, you are right.

i was friends with P and her husband N for several years and then we lost touch. a couple of years ago i connected with N on facebook. there was no mention of P on his page, or in his writing. then he married another woman. i have never known how to ask what happened to P - did they divorce, did she pass away, what?

not sure how that parallels with your experience - but every time i see a post from him my heart hurts to know about P

RE: Question for anyone who is reading - The People - 04-14-2020

Yes it does. I did Google the child's name. No obituary anywhere. Finally, Mom responded to me last week, after I posted this. She stated that her daughter doesn't want her to post any photos until she is well. I doubt if the child will ever be the 'well' that she dreamed of as. That they dream of, of course.

RE: Question for anyone who is reading - mosaic - 04-14-2020

it's good to have an answer at least. i understand their wish to not share photos until she is "better". sadly, if her condition is chronic, it sounds as though both mother and daughter are in some denial, and are unable to accept the reality of what is. accepting means grieving the loss of what cannot be and that is painful difficult work that probably requires being in T.

RE: Question for anyone who is reading - The People - 04-15-2020

Mother's childhood was pretty messed up. Then she had the dream life of a great husband and two beautiful children. As with many cases, the illness appeared to have broken up the marriage.

RE: Question for anyone who is reading - mosaic - 04-25-2020

Sadly, illnesses like that do have a way of putting such extraordinary stress on marriages,and many times it turns out to be more than the couple can handle.