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This is Charlie! - The People - 02-04-2020

She is beautiful. She scares Katy though. Katy hangs out in the bedroom. Charlie hangs out at the top of her tree. I tell her to smarten up!

RE: This is Charlie! - mosaic - 02-05-2020

Charlie is beautiful! hopefully she and Katy will learn to get along.

RE: This is Charlie! - The People - 02-06-2020

I spelt her name rong there. it s charley. she still hissin at Katy but katy like me. Tuff and curus. She check out that sat tree there tho Charley keep hissin at her.

RE: This is Charlie! - nats - 02-06-2020

so pretty!

RE: This is Charlie! - The People - 02-06-2020

Thanks Nats. She not hissin this day. I thinnkshe missing last mommy. Slep on frige.