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2 more good things - The People - 01-31-2020

bigs asted at a schol there wat volunters they need. man say yes but he not coll. but it was cold and we herted are leg.

this week he cold. taday we wok to school wat is jest a few bloks away. we will werk with litel kids to halp withh reding there. then we wok home.. how long it takes dapends on wethrwe taked that ritee road.

the other thing? that techer hava litel doggee in her class room. he look like winn dixie sept he is darker carmel color he like me!

We di't slep well lass nite so we naped of home this day. now it bed time.weverymuch hapy.

RE: 2 more good things - mosaic - 01-31-2020

wow that is awesome! do you get to go to the school and help every day or just a few days a week?

how cool that the teacher has a doggie in the class room. and i am not surprised that the doggie likes you!