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MH versus MD - The People - 01-27-2020

I watch a lot of Talent shows. I was just watching a 10 collection of them. There was an older gentleman who wore a soldier's coat. I missed the introduction. Then I watched Cody. He is blind and MD. He is a good singer and amazing pianist.

Some people come on and talk about their mental health issues but are not as open.
The people with MD receive so much praise. Some deserving, others not so much IMO.

Imagine going on TheVoice and saying, my name's Grey and I'm gonna sing for you. Two may cut in because she likes to sing too. I wouldn't get the golden buzzer. I wouldn't even get 4 votes. I feel so jealous of this situation. Nobody fundraises for us. Nobody recognizes how hard it would e for us to get up there and sing. Even read a poem.

People just shrug when someone has MH issues. They don't realize how hard it is for any of us to stand in the spotlight. Harder than for many with MD. We struggle as much as they do but people don't realize that. Along with the struggle many have family who cheer and support.Not us.

RE: MH versus MD - mosaic - 01-27-2020

yes i see the same disparity in how people with MH issues are given less support; they are less likely to disclose their issues because of how MH problems are still covered in stigma. and it's doubly so for those with DID imho.

RE: MH versus MD - The People - 01-28-2020

I don't know about the US but in Canada, especially AB, MH budgets are last to be boosted first to be cut.