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Talking to m*m - dreamers - 11-14-2019

From now on, only one elected person will be allowed to talk with the m*m from within our system I mean. She can’t hear about our problems and just let us deal with them oh no” she has to step in and basically force us to fix them in whatever way she sees fit. Even if we would not have labeled the problem as a problem. Our biggest mistake regarding our d*nt*l stuff was telling her that the crown on our root canal tooth came off. The annoying thing is she doesn’t help me fix stuff we see as problems unless she agrees that it’s a problem. So, from now on she just won’t be told things

RE: Talking to m*m - The People - 11-16-2019

It is a very good decision IMO to put one, strong self in charge of the mother. IN corresponding with her. It makes things safer.

The last time my mother called us we were not in a place where we could speak with her. But I will never forget her crying in an answering machine. "Please call. What would she have said, And she was in denial, how would we have handled it? Probably lost it. That message haunts us.