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Guess what? - mosaic - 11-07-2019

i got my comps exam results.... i PASSED!!!!

there were two subjects that had comments from the reviewers and i will have to answer those questions in the orals part of the process, but i passed and that is awesome!

makes this week in Cancun with my sister all the more celebratory

RE: Guess what? - The People - 11-07-2019

Oh Mosaic! I am so proud of you. I remember when you were questioning whether you should even go back to school. You sure have earned that trip!

RE: Guess what? - mosaic - 11-08-2019

thank you, People. it was doubly fun getting the news having my sister with me. she shared my excitement and we both screamed together.

RE: Guess what? - phoenix22 - 11-09-2019

Congrats !

RE: Guess what? - The People - 11-09-2019

Smile Wonderful!

RE: Guess what? - nats - 11-12-2019