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Grrr - The People - 11-05-2019

I upgraded my computer a while back. Last night I went to try and work on my book. Only I cannot get in. I am so frustrated. I hate upgrading but I had no choice. My license ran out. My homework from T is to work on it.

RE: Grrr - nats - 11-06-2019

Ugh, horrible. Hate when things we rely on don't work!

RE: Grrr - The People - 11-07-2019

Part of the computer age eh! What we do that sucks is forgetting passwords. Someone decides that we will remember them without writing them down. How long do you think that lasts? We do remember the sign in for the front page as it is an everyday thing. With other things we do write things down but don't remember where and of course there are the ones we 'know we will remember'. It sucks.

RE: Grrr - nats - 11-12-2019

yup, all the time. constantly resetting passwords...