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Hi,another newbie - phoenix22 - 09-10-2019

Hi all,
this is my first post here. Am in my 60s and from the UK. Dxed with DID/PTSD and hope to make a contribution here on mosaic minds.
Look forward to meeting others here around the forums. Thanks for reading. Blush

RE: Hi,another newbie - mosaic - 09-10-2019

welcome phoenix22! your account has been activated and you are now able to post on the forums. we're glad to have you here!

RE: Hi,another newbie - phoenix22 - 09-11-2019

Thank you for the welcome.

RE: Hi,another newbie - Five of Hearts - 09-11-2019

Hi, welcome.

RE: Hi,another newbie - phoenix22 - 09-11-2019

(09-11-2019, 04:36 AM)Five of Hearts Wrote: Hi, welcome.

Thank you! Smile

RE: Hi,another newbie - The People - 09-14-2019

Ahoy matie! Nice to have a new person.