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America's Got Talent - The People - 08-22-2019

Is anyone watching this year? If not it will show up on You Tube eventually,

My favourite performer was the boy who plays a modern violin. He had a brain tumour at 6 and got teased about the side effects. So when they were offering free violin lessons he took them and he is amazing. There are some quote-unquote average people but this time all of the best ones have a challenge. Whether it is the 65 year old man who is blind and kids who grew up in war zones.

I like it because it proves that, no matter what we go through, we can all find our star. Like the guy with no hands who is a great comedian.

As well, Susan... who has been performing for 10 years and who was dxd with Aspergers after she started performing (parents told her she had brain injury from a bad delivery). I like these shows. Not the kids whose family moved so they could be stars. The kids who never really got to be kids because of their challenges.

We all have stars inside us too even if we haven't found them yet. Keep looking. We all have higher than average IQs so we can figure it out.

RE: America's Got Talent - mosaic - 08-22-2019

i hadn't thought of that angle about the people with challenges are the most impressive talents this year. it's very inspirational.

RE: America's Got Talent - The People - 08-26-2019

For sure it is. The stories are amazing. Even the dancers and choir are from the poor side of town.