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What's everyone doing? - mosaic - 08-07-2019

i'm studying... a lot

comprehensive exams are in October. there are six topics (two topics a day for three days) i have to know enough material on each topic to write a six to ten page paper, with no notes to help me out.

it's a daunting task. back when i was young and involved in theater, memorizing seemed easy. not so much anymore.

RE: What's everyone doing? - nats - 08-07-2019

Yuck, that's a lot of exams! Here doctorates are examined based on your thesis and verbal defence with no exams necessary. Pros and cons I guess, as I used to be far more terrified of verbal than written exams. Good luck and I'm sure you'll do well!

getting ready for a big move - house and job. scary but a big promotion. hoping for best...

RE: What's everyone doing? - mosaic - 08-08-2019

Yeah, here we have the exams AND the thesis and verbal defense....

congratulations on the big promotion! that sounds exciting. moving is never easy though. hope it all goes smoothly for you.

RE: What's everyone doing? - Five of Hearts - 08-08-2019

I'm studying too, but not a lot. I only go two days a week and it's only collecting units that could go toward an advanced dip or a ba in future if I want. No exams just a body of 3D or 2D work at end of year and theory assignments handed in on time. I get a certificate at the end of three years. So light going compared to some.

Just had winter holidays and went solo hiking for a week in some rainforest covers mnts. Was meant to be going with four other people and one by one they all dropped out until it was only me, so I just went by myself anyway.

Had my air conditioner on yesterday because the wind was so hot and now their predicting snow above 1100 meters for tonight which makes me think that whoever's controlling the Matrix this week is probably on work experience.

My jobs so boring I'll be needing therapy just to cope with it soon. 

RE: What's everyone doing? - The People - 08-11-2019

Hey! I am back in! Thanks for the help getting back in Mosaic!

RE: What's everyone doing? - The People - 08-11-2019

Mosaic do you think it was easier then because you were less anxious? You are a smart lady. You went back to school as an adult and figured out how to study! There are things you know because you lived it yourself. You know what you know. Now go back and change what you aren't sure of until you know that too. I believe in you!

RE: What's everyone doing? - mosaic - 08-11-2019

thanks, people. welcome back!

i think memorizing back then had to do more with context... they were dialogue lines and i could learn them as the way my character responded to what other characters said. that is a little different than memorizing a ton of material to spew back in an essay for three hours.

still we appreciate your vote of confidence. as i go over the topics daily i believe i will be able to get the information down.

RE: What's everyone doing? - The People - 08-15-2019

Excellent Mosaic!