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It's not Sunday? - The People - 06-08-2019

I awoke early and thought I could have gone to church. Went back to bed and slept for hours. A friend called and had to convince me it was Saturday. I didn't totally believe her but went along with it.

We have lost time (I don't think ever a whole day) but who gains a day?

RE: It's not Sunday? - nats - 06-09-2019

doesn't hurt to gain Smile

RE: It's not Sunday? - mosaic - 06-09-2019

sounds like a nice bonus! time to do more of what you want?

RE: It's not Sunday? - Five of Hearts - 06-09-2019

(jk) sounds like you probably lost 6 days, did you check the date? (lol)

RE: It's not Sunday? - The People - 06-10-2019

Haha everybody!