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been laid up all week - mosaic - 06-07-2019

had a fever of 102 all day monday and it was 101 the rest of the week. having the flu is no fun. hope everyone else here is doing well

RE: been laid up all week - Five of Hearts - 06-07-2019

Better than ever, thanks for asking. Sorry to rub it in but you did ask.

Maybe this crummy joalk will cheer you up

A woman walks in to a doctors practice and asks the doctor why she hears voices in in her head. The doctor holds his stethoscope to the woman's forehead and listens intently for a few minutes then declares "madam, I regret to inform you that you have DID. Oh my gosh! Exclaims the woman, are you sure? I am, replies the doctor. But can you really be sure? Replies the woman. Are there no other tests you can do? The doctor agrees to do some more tests and calls a black Labrador retriever into the room. The dog snuffs the woman's forehead for a few moments then turns to face the doctor and solemnly shakes it's head before leaving the room. Next a small black cat enters the room and gazes deeply at the woman's eyes before mournfully bowing it's head and leaving the room. Finally a black wood duck enters the room and quacks three times into the woman's left ear. Then the duck listens intently at the woman's right ear before sadly gazing at the woman's ears, shaking its head and slowly waddling away. Well that confirms it, said the doctor. You defiantly have DID. That will be $800 please. Eight hunted dollars!!! Exclaims the woman. Just to tell me I have DID. Well, begins the doctor, if you'd taken my word for it in the first place it would have been $150, but with the Lab report, the Cat scan and the Quacks assessment it's going to be $800!

Hope you get well soon

RE: been laid up all week - The People - 06-08-2019

Being sick sucks. I hope your husband is the type to bring you cold drinks (I cannot remember if you drink tea). Small comforts are necessary when one is sick. I hope you are starting to get better.

RE: been laid up all week - mosaic - 06-09-2019

five of hearts, that was funny. thanks for the chuckle.

people, he did his best, but he's kinda helpless when it comes to being a nursemaid. i have recovered, and am back among the living.

RE: been laid up all week - The People - 06-10-2019

I actually came to check on how you are feeling. No, some men just don't have what it takes when it comes to caretaking.

RE: been laid up all week - mosaic - 06-11-2019

thank you people for checking.

RE: been laid up all week - mosaic - 06-11-2019

thank you people for checking.