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Just checking in - mosaic - 04-04-2019

got my chapter one back and i didn't do so well. mostly because i forgot to include some information. so i hope once i get all that information put in, it will go better for the final grade.

i'm almost scared to see what the prof says about chapter 2, and am very anxious about turning in chapter 3.


i'll get through it. thanks for letting me vent a little.

RE: Just checking in - nats - 04-06-2019

you'll get through it. probably the reason they have you do it bit by bit like this is so you can improve it slowly as you go along rather than getting all feedback on the whole thing at the end. you can do this!

RE: Just checking in - Collectively US - 04-09-2019

Wishing you the best mosaic...i know it will work out for you. Have a little faith in yourself and be gentle

RE: Just checking in - mosaic - 04-09-2019

thanks Nats and Collectively US. your support means a lot.

RE: Just checking in - The People - 04-10-2019

I think chapter 1 is the most difficult. Could you do an intro or a prologue first?

Also, we find that, once someone points out problems for us the problems resolve themselves in the next chapter. Chapter 1 is like your first child. The one you made your mistakes on and practiced on. Being that child sucks but that child is also special to you.