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Life - 9Bears - 03-12-2019

Sometimes i just hate it... having to deal with outside people and their beloved ignorance!

RE: Life - 9Bears - 03-12-2019

One of the things we hate about others is they tend to tell us that we set our expectations to high...we think that they set their expectations to low!

RE: Life - mosaic - 03-12-2019

it's amazing how others can say things that can be discouraging and think they are being helpful. my mom was a champion at that.

RE: Life - Collectively US - 03-20-2019

9bears they just don't get it....sometimes I just smile at someone who thinks they know better and let it go in one ear and out the other....

RE: Life - nats - 03-26-2019

people often just don't know what to say. it's hard being human, any kind of human really (though still think rich ones have a lot of things easier...)

RE: Life - Collectively US - 03-27-2019

So true nats we also give the standard reply to people when we dont know what to say or just can't relate.

RE: Life - The People - 03-27-2019

9Bears, I don't know you but I have met many people with mental illness. I worked on the other side of the desk for about 20 years. Some people know things aren't right with them. They cannot always say what it is. They get mental illness mixed up with mental disabilities. They don't realize that you are highly intelligent and can do amazing things. I say this because people with DID tend to have above average IQs. Often it is our anxiety that holds us back but we can do great things.

When this place was busier we had people from all walks of life Nurses, social workers, person who was the head of AV in a huge non-profit. The people who built this site have DID. Yes we had people who got stuck and spent a while on social supports. But we find was to give to the community. (I had to stop working 5 years ago because my body gave out)

I was just singing a Rod Stewart song to the cats A line from that song might fit for you. "May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb every rung!!!!"