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stupid game - The People - 03-09-2019

I came up with the idea of going to the pub to watch the hockey game. I was pumped. However, during the first 2 periods the 2 women who are both look for a male counterpart talked about dating sites and experiences. B-O-R-I-N-G. After the second period I went to the washroom. They must have discussed my lack of enthusiasm while I was gone as the subject was changed. But we were still pissed. On top of that my team lost.


RE: stupid game - mosaic - 03-10-2019

yeah their conversation does sound boring.

sorry your team lost. that's always a bummer

RE: stupid game - The People - 03-11-2019

I don't care about the game. It was how I was treated that upset me. Going was my idea. And they just sat there talking like I wasn't there. One knows that I don't date. "I never lose track of my friends" she said. Or something like that. And didn't look to see if I was art of a conversation I had no interest in. She knew that.

RE: stupid game - mosaic - 03-11-2019

they were very rude. i can understand why you are ticked off.

RE: stupid game - The People - 03-12-2019

Thanks Mosaic.

RE: stupid game - Collectively US - 03-23-2019

That is crap no way to treat a friend...sorry the experience was awful...hugs

RE: stupid game - The People - 03-27-2019

Thanks Collectively Us. I have gotten past it while making our feelings known.