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Funny T response - The People - 03-09-2019

Our money got mixed up. One of our cheques didn't come for 2 months (monthly). It was so stressful. And we didn't realize it at first because we didn't check for deposit.

Money arrived on Wednesday. We sent T what we owed her. The power of no commasetc, Whatever they are called.

I sent her an email through my bank but forgot to send the answer in a separate email.

She wrote: I tried therapy but it didn't work.

We went for groceries trying to figure out what that meant. Then we came home and looked at what she wrote again. Doubled over laughing.

Imagine your therapist saying: I tried therapy but it didn't work.

RE: Funny T response - mosaic - 03-09-2019

that's funny!

i love tazmanian devil!

RE: Funny T response - Collectively US - 03-12-2019

That is to funny..seriously have done that misread and go oops