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Found a new ME - WOW!!!! - Cammy - 12-21-2018

Recently a new persona has made himself known. His name is René. Turns out he's been with us our entire lives, and it explains a lot - like why I wanted to and did work in male dominated professions, why I dress like I do, why my head is practically shaved, etcetera. It was nice of him to finally show himself and the first thing he wanted was a gender reassignment. He got a big "NO" from the rest of us since we are all female and wouldn't have been happy with the new body or what the hormones would have done to us. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask though, right? I'm still chuckling over it - he has a lot of pluck to face up against all my female selves and ask for us to become a male. Too funny!!!

RE: Found a new ME - WOW!!!! - The People - 12-23-2018

It is good that he makes you laugh Cammy. Does he have anything to do with the music?