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CCrismas visiter - The People - 12-07-2018

are frends was gonna take there kitte home at crismas. she best frend of are kittee. she so prety. Wen they com bak to get her we say sory she rund away. well bigs say no but she so nice.

RE: CCrismas visiter - The People - 12-10-2018

Sad We don't no for shor.

RE: CCrismas visiter - The People - 12-13-2018

I don't think that makes sense but our friends may or may not leave their beautiful Tuxedo Cat with us. Obviously Two wants it here. They are leaning more and more toward leaving her here. It will make the holiday easier for us and the girls are good friends.

RE: CCrismas visiter - mosaic - 12-13-2018

we are hoping you get the visitor. it would be nice to have the extra company, huh.