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just saying hi - mosaic - 11-21-2018

nothing happening here except i'm feeling a bit blah. p-doc is concerned about depression worsening... so we're monitoring ourselves a lot to see if it gets deeper.

touching on really deep, early hurts in T and i think that is why we're feeling blah.

having to get ready for turkey day tomorrow.

hope everyone is doing okay.

RE: just saying hi - Tangled Web - 11-21-2018

Hi mosaic, hope the blah lifts for you a bit so you will be able to enjoy your thanksgiving with your family.I certainly understand that feeling...….
Hope everything goes well for you and Happy Thanksgiving to you all Smile

RE: just saying hi - The People - 11-22-2018

I hope you are able to distract yourself with the meal prep. Something that I have noticed about this post. It has been quite a while since you have said "we" when talking about things. Perhaps an alter who has gone quiet was roused by the discussion. I hope you have some quiet time this evening so you can allow them to process things.

Happy Thanksgiving. Peak says hi to Lorrie and encourages her to have "cramberries" with white meat. Two says no brusel sprouts there. yuk!

RE: just saying hi - mosaic - 11-22-2018

thank you TW and people. it was a nice holiday (with no brussel sprouts). my sister came over and shared the holiday meal with us and we watched our local football team win their game. (American football)

people, you are right that there are stirrings inside.

Lorri says hi to Peak and Two.

RE: just saying hi - The People - 11-24-2018

I am glad that you had a nice family dinner. Turkey? We love turkey. Once Pirate told us a hilarious about story about...I don't think telling the story is allowed but I always laugh when I think about it.

RE: just saying hi - earthandskyfolks - 11-25-2018

Hi mosaic
Hope you are feeling better.
Our system kind of had a difficult time through the holiday.
We will hopefully talk with our therapist to come up with some other plans for the next holiday.
Cindy of earthandskyfolks

RE: just saying hi - mosaic - 11-25-2018

hi Cindy,

sorry to hear you struggled through the holiday. we understand it though. it's a good idea to talk with your t about some plans for the next one. we struggle a lot with the next one too.

we should come here and talk more often - we always feel like our problems are minor compared to what we know others have experienced, and so we feel silly complaining. still, this is a good place to come to put our thoughts out there and get support.

RE: just saying hi - The People - 11-26-2018

Cindy ofearthandskyfolks, We too struggle with holidays. We have had some good ones and bad ones. Easter is our worst. Christas is bad of course for double decker reasons. We always feel so alone plus there is the memory issue.

Over the years we have gotten better with the holidays. One year we went to the house of a woman we didn't know. It was the worst disaster. From that point on we decided that we would spend Christmas alone rather than go someplace just to be someplace. Somehow it made things better. Plus a good book and thank goodness for Netflex.