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Snowing for 2 days - The People - 09-22-2018

While eastern Canada has shorts weather, here in the west we have had snow for 2 days. I am reluctant to go out with my broken toe as the temperature sits right at 0 making the potential for slipping very high. However, I am bored and without conversation. So, is my dark mood due to sitting in the house, increase in meds or just a crappy time? Who is to know?

I wish I could invite the people from here for coffee or tea. I know that they wouldn't care about my messy house.

I guess I shouldn't complain. I could be living in Ottawa where 2 tornadoes touched down and some people will be without power for days.

RE: Snowing for 2 days - mosaic - 09-23-2018

i have often wished that we could get together like that. i'd have to drink apple juice or something like that since i don't drink coffee or tea, but getting together to chat sounds lovely.

RE: Snowing for 2 days - The People - 09-24-2018

Me too Mosaic. It would be nice to talk with people who understand me and are not afraid of me. I used to envy those who got together with EN at the helm. I don't think my littles would have come out but a day with some adults who also have DID would be wonderful.

I had several friends in last community who had DID.I quickly learned that we were not all alike in any way but our labels. However, it was still great to chat a bit. I knew them at the beginning when I was first DXD so it made me feel less alone.

That is the important part. Here at MM and the occasional person in3D. We know that we are not the freaks that people make them out to be. We are just ordinary people with an extraordinary gift for survival. Perhaps someday we shall meet Mosaic.