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How would you describe it? - The People - 09-03-2018

As I have stated previously, I am working on a book. One of the things that my T asked me the other day was "How do you plan to describe being a [Multie]?

I have been thinking about it a lot. The simplistic way is to talk about switching and a family all inside my castle... blah blah blah… However, none of that works for me. So I thought some more.

This is what I have come up with: Many of us have watched people doing (what is the word) voices of other people. Everyone from Trump to Bugs Bunny to Obama. (An aside, none of them have anything in common although BB eats orange carrots which are the colour of Trump and BB is smarter than Trump) Are we allowed to make political comments went? If so I apologize and I am Canadian)

Anyway, aside from not coming up with the right word, we are like those people. Except, while entertainers have a whole series of voices to perform with. We are not performing. And each voice that we use has memories and personalities attached to them. Most of them have different appearances just like the bodies of the people that the () is mimicking.

Something like that. It is not well written here. But, does the idea work?

How would you describe being multiple? I remember when the first books came out. They would give each alter a label. There was the historian... that is all that I can remember. It may have been correct to some degree but it doesn't fit us completely.

How would you describe having alters? Watching one television show with several major and minor characters but it is all one show. No that doesn't work.

A house full of ghosts? But we aren't ghosts.

RE: How would you describe it? - Collectively US - 09-20-2018

So the way I explain being a multi is like driving a car...the one out maybe it's the host is in the driver's seat then the are others in other places within the car the further back one goes in the car let's just say to the trunk/boot the more or less memory you have.... Then I explain that we all have names, ages, likes, dislikes and so on then finally I tell them that they are each their own person like any other person walking around just they have to share 1 body.....i hope that helps

RE: How would you describe it? - The People - 09-21-2018

Thanks! That is a good one. We have an alter who's sole role is to drive. We had too much anxiety to get a driver's license so he came forward and took the test.