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Ugh - mosaic - 09-01-2018

one of the classes i am taking this semester involves learning to run a parent training program. it sounds really interesting. problem is, i have to actually run a group as part of the class. all the people i have been able to contact about it can't come because of other family obligations...

the professor said we could co-lead a group with a fellow classmate.

why is this on cafe esprit, you ask?

well the only classmate i could co-lead with is holding her group on Sunday morning, right during my church time... and i have strong religious beliefs about keeping the Sabbath day special....

how do i justify missing 10 weeks of church (that's how many weeks the group runs)... when I have responsibilities at church too? UGH.....

i feel like dropping the class but don't know if that's the right thing to do.

don't think i'm looking for solutions from anyone - just need to vent about it. it's a difficult problem for me.

RE: Ugh - The People - 09-02-2018

Is this a donkey in the well sort of situation? Would you be able to live with missing church even though you aren't happy about it?

Another thought. Does your church have a large group of kids and Moms? Could you create a group from there? Or go to Children's services and ask about co-facilitating one of their groups? I would hate to see you drop the class.

Good luckin making your decision.

RE: Ugh - mosaic - 09-05-2018

for me, because i know so far in advance about this, it doesn't qualify as the donkey in the well scenario. it would feel to me like i sneaked out saturday night and put the donkey in the well so that i could use it sunday morning as an excuse. that's just me.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to drop the class. my efforts at getting my own group together were not successful either. and this isn't a required class so it isn't going to hold me back or anything.

RE: Ugh - The People - 09-08-2018

Well, that is good then. You are holding onto your values and not holding yourself back because of it. Good for you.

RE: Ugh - mosaic - 09-09-2018

thanks, people.

RE: Ugh - Collectively US - 09-21-2018

Mosaic I understand about church and Sabbath day....if you drop it or can do good as part of your Sabbath if your doing something that is helping others then it is an acceptable way to remember your Sabbath also you could watch sermons on line read your Bible maybe a Bible study things like that and you would still be honoring your Sabbath.